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A Headteacher role is one of the most complex leadership and management roles in the world.

Having to deal on a daily basis with the education of children; communication with parents; responsibilities for staff, buildings, finance and working with Governing Bodies and the Local Authority and running a school takes tremendous skill and expertise.

HeadSupport is here for those times when the role of being the Headteacher, could be assisted and enhanced by the help and advice of a knowledgeable, experienced advisor and mentor who has actually been a Head.

We can provide invaluable Headteacher advice, help, mentoring and expertise to your leadership when you need it.

“My school cannot afford this service”  is often the first thought! This should not  be the case! Your Governing Body  has a duty  of care and your well being as the school leader, lead professional and as an employee. Professional advice and assistance should be a vital part of the school well being and professional development program for you as the Head - just as you facilitate these on a daily  basis for your staff.

The service is confidential to the Headteacher at all times and the ethos of HeadSupport is to work as an advisor and consultant for you and with you to help attain agreed goals and high quality success and outcomes to assist you in your leadership role.

What is HeadSupport?

Working  With You and For You