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Working With You and For You


Saving Your School Time and Money

Our associates offer a free and without obligation service to help your school save money on electricity, gas, telecoms and insurance. Your final contract costs for such services usually work out to be significantly below your current Local Authority arranged contracts and can be fixed to any period that you wish.

If your current contract is the best our associates will inform you of this

as part of the free no obligation consultation service.

You have nothing to lose and maybe lots to gain!

They act on your behalf to get you the best possible prices for your school. They don't charge for our cost reviews, there is no commission to pay and ALL savings are passed on in full.

In addition, they handle all of the tendering processes, negotiations and paperwork, ensuring you never miss a renewal date.





Leading and specialist insurers can provide your school with the right level of cover at the right price. Quotes on all "like-for-like" or new policies across general, niche and tailored products. All that is needed is your renewal date and they will do the rest!

Our Associates were formed in 2005 and have grown to become one of the most considered business cost reduction companies in the UK.

They have years of experience helping companies and schools to reduce their running costs.

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Chair Governors - Academy - Savings Made = £25,000

                          “Our energy bills have reduced 50% from the previous council run buying scheme after using the associates”

Bursar - Prep School - After being recommended to us and seeing how they work, I was really pleased with the result

                                   The cost review was quick, efficient and simple and saved thousands of pounds”