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Ken Battye, B.Phil (Dist), has worked in education and teaching for 41 years, 26 of them as a Head. He has a proven track record of leading schools through challenging situations.

Since 2012, he works as a consultant Headteacher, educational advisor, and Lead and Team Inspector for school inspections in Abu Dhabi & Doha  Most importantly, he has been a successful Head Teacher for three UK schools, all of which were inner city schools with high deprivation, EAL and multi ethnic populations. Currently a lead and team inspector for school inspections in Abu Dhabi Dubai and lead consultant for large international school in Qatar resulting in school achieving outstanding BSIO..

He has also been Head of two large British Curriculum International schools (one to KS4) in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. His lengthy experiences as Head have been significant in keeping schools constantly on an upward and challenging road of improvement and success. Working from satisfactory Ofsted standards upwards, he has constantly achieved best outcomes and success in his role as a Head. Many roles have involved situations with complex HR issues; reorganisation of staff roles; recruitment; retention; staff capability; finance and budget planning, and premises issues.

NAHT President and LA Committee roles have involved him in mentoring, advising and coaching many colleague Heads. He enabled them to gain personal achievement and success, often in circumstances which had seemed insurmountable.

Ken has a proven record for the innovative use and design of school buildings, and has made successful capital bids. He also designed and managed many major refurbishment and building projects, to enhance the education settings for children and staff.

As the Project Director for Dubai English Speaking College, Dubai, which opened in 2006, he was responsible for working with architects for the design and build of a £15 million secondary school, as well as devising financial strategy planning, recruitment of staff, design of curriculum courses, and sourcing equipment and resources for the new secondary school.

As a qualified professional Life Coach, this particularly enhanced his leadership and mentor roles. He has excellent listening skills, and can guide people by careful questioning, to assist them to reach for their maximum potential, goals and positive success.

Advisor and Consultant

Representing  & Supporting Headteachers

Working With You and For You

National Association Head teachers  President of both Kingston Upon Hull & Westminster Branches and currently Branch Secretary

Westminster Committees  

Primary Headteacher Executive Chair & representative Headteacher

Chair of NW Westminster Headteacher Partnership Committee

Children & Young People LA Scrutiny Committee Headteacher member

Children's Trust Board member

Integrated Children’s Services Planning Group Headteacher representative

Westminster LA ICT Strategy Committee Headteacher representative

Westminster LA Tri Borough Liaison Committee - Headteacher representative


British Business Group (BBG) Dubai elected committee member

Chairman of the BBG (Dubai) Education Special Interest Group

Dubai & United Kingdom Economic Committee (DUKTEC), Education

Sub Committee member